In some kind of an attempt to get into the festive spirit this year, for the twelve days up to and including Christmas Day, I’ll be watching a film that is kinda sorta related to Christmas. My plan is to add a new post each day with my thoughts on whatever Christmassy film I’ve just watched. The films will be randomly chosen from the surprisingly large number of films in my blu-ray collection that have some kind of association to the holidays. Based on the diversity of the shortlist of films, I’m curious to see whether this process leaves me with more or less Christmas cheer.

The Twelve Films Of Christmas:

The Twelfth Film Of Christmas – Bad Santa

The Eleventh Film Of Christmas – The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Tenth Film Of Christmas – A Christmas Story

The Ninth Film Of Christmas – Edward Scissorhands

The Eighth Film Of Christmas – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

The Seventh Film Of Christmas – Gremlins

The Sixth Film Of Christmas – Trading Places

The Fifth Film Of Christmas – A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

The Fourth Film Of Christmas – A Christmas Tale

The Third Film Of Christmas – Scrooged

The Second Film Of Christmas – Meet Me In St. Louis

The First Film Of Christmas – Die Hard